For undocumented OFWs in Nigeria

I wrote an email inquiry to POEA if there is possibility of OFWS in Nigeria who came in using tourist or business visas to be registered in POLO offices in the Embassy.

This is the reply:

This has reference to your e-mail dated 13 May 2008 regarding undocumented workers in countries where there is a prevailing ban such as Nigeria and Afghanistan .

Please be advised that there is a Memorandum issued by the Secretary of Labor and Employment wherein there shall be a total ban in the deployment of all workers to the following destination countries:


However, our welfare assistance to workers already in those countries (except for Iraq where there is no significant GRP presence) will continue, or may even be supplemented, as demands of OFW protection may require.

Under these circumstances, there is no way that we can legitimize their status as undocumented since deployment to this country is prohibited.

In short, even these workers will take vacation back to the Philippines , their travel papers will not be processed or allowed by POEA because of the ban.

For your perusal and guidance.

Very truly yours,


Director II

Legal Research, Docket and Enforcement Branch

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