DFA SAYS : Green passports valid until expiration

By Veronica Uy

Posted date: February 05, 2009

MANILA, Philippines — The green passports issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) are still valid until their date of expiration, Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Domingo Lucenario said Thursday.

In an interview, Lucenario belied the news circulating in e-mail groups that those who renew their green passports will get new ones valid only until the end of 2009.

green philippine passportHe said he has already requested the international community — through the Philippines’ foreign posts and the foreign embassies based here — to continue recognizing the green passports, which are not machine-readable.

At the same time, he encouraged all Filipinos with valid green passports to apply for machine-readable passports to avoid being inconvenienced at various points of exit and entry worldwide.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all countries must issue machine-readable passports by April 1, 2010. The Philippines started issuing the new travel documents starting September passport212007.

“The green non-machine readable passports issued before the ICAO deadline are valid until their expiration,” he said.



18 Responses to DFA SAYS : Green passports valid until expiration

  1. jaguar says:

    where can i get an application form for a lost philippine passport from Abuja?


  2. jaguar says:

    i hope i get answer from this…


  3. naija pinoy says:

    You have to go to the Philippines embassy. they will guide you there of the process.

  4. jaguar says:

    thank you for the reply. i thought i could get it from a link on the website and just print it out.

    i lost it. and its expired for weeks now.


  5. naija pinoy says:

    this is an official document and you need to show up there in person.

  6. jaguar says:

    would it cause trouble or problem if the lost passport is expired? any experience of the same who can share here? thank you

    • rovyn says:

      please go to Philippine consulate website so you can view the requirement and what to do for lost passport.

  7. jaguar says:

    thanks Rovyn.

    i emailed the embassy and they emailed me back the Application form with the requirements.i dont need to go to Abuja for that thing now.

  8. june 26, 2009


    mag nag email po sa akin sa tagged said something about job opportunities sa marriott hotel sa ontario canada..nakapag send po ako ng resume / my SCAN PASSPORT.ano po kaya dapat kong gawin.nakapag search po ako na parang scam po sya.nag aalala po ako baka gamitin yung passport ko sa canada o dito sa maling paraan.baka po kapag ako na gumamit magkaproblema..ano po kaya dapat kong gawin..paki email na lang po ako dito kung ano dapat kong gawin. si Mr.Dunell M.po nagsend sa akin at may profile po sa tagged ng job opprtunities po na sinasabi ko.salamat po.inaasahan ko po sagot nyo..

    • naija pinoy says:

      bakit naman kasi papadal kaagad kayo ng copy ng passport di nyo pa pala na check kung tunay o hindi.

      kapagka unsolicited email (hindi mo kilala ang nagpadala) sa trabaho, scam yan.

  9. nancy ramos says:

    I’ll be leaving on may to dubai please let me know if they will accept my green passport in there immigration.

  10. isis uy says:

    Hi! Good day! I have an inquiry regarding my green passport. My green passport will expire next year of January 9, 2012. I read it somewhere that the passport should be renewed 6 months before the expiration date. My question is, I will be traveling to Thailand this July 2011 and will be staying there for 3 weeks, I plan to renew my passport after my Thailand trip. Would they still honor my passport at the Philippine airport and Thai airport? Hope you could answer my question asap. Thank you very much!

  11. Nen says:

    Hi, I have the same problem with isis uy. My green passport will expire on February 8, 2012 and I am travelling to HK on August 9-12.. will I still be allowed to use the green passport? thank you very much

  12. kris says:

    hi just want to ask regarding my passport, my green passport will expire nxt yr Jan. 2012, it is possible to having a extension for 2 yrs coz my applying my renewal of working permit nxt month Sept. ? the extension it will not affect to my renewal of working permit? im here in canada, right now and nxt yr I’m having my vacation in the philippines 2012, thats the time i will renew my passport. thank u!

  13. bino says:

    how long is the expiration date of a passport? i had mine way back 1994 and since i lost it i cant determine its expiration date

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