Special envoy Amb. Roy Cimatu visited Nigeria: Ban soon to be lifted..

dsc01532After the visit of Gen Cimatu last week, it seems like the ban in Nigeria will soon be lifted.

As it is, Mrs Derpo spoke at length with Gen Cimatu as he arived in Nigeria on March 4, 2009, before proceeding to Abuja.

On March 5th, Gen Cimatu is said to have met wth the Foreign Affairs minister of Nigeria to discuss security situation of OFWs. The Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister reportedly told Gen Cimatu that everything is okay with filipinos in Nigeria, except in Oil areas.

Later in the day, Gen Cimatu went to the compound of Julius Berger Construction company, where majority of expat employees are Filipinos. Gen Cimatu was guided by Engr Lito Nocum, the head of Filipino association in Abuja, in touring the accommodations for Filipinos.

Gen Cimatu quipped that he’d never seen so many cars outside the embassy belonging to OFWs. He compared Nigeria to Lebanon. To which an OFW said in jest, “walang pong DH sa Nigeria kasi”.

dsc01558Gen Cimatu wrapped-up his visit to Nigeria with a meeting with Filipinos in Ikeja, Lagos. He was met by the Philippine Barangay Society in Nigeria (PBSN) chairperson (and Banaag 2008 Awardee). Mrs Esperanza Derpo in the airport, and to the PBSN clubhouse in Ikeja.

The meeting with PBSN, emceed by Veronica Bernas-Snoxell, started with the singing of the Phil National Anthem. Father Doury, a long-time Filipino priest in Lagos gave the invocation. Mr. Tito Villaruel, VP of PBSN gave the welcome remarks.  Consul General Alex Lamadrid introduced Ambassador Cimatu, after that, Mrs Derpo presented the Naija Pinoys appeal via a power point presentation. – as reported by Marix Tajo.

Gen. Cimatu reiterated his observation that he was impressed at the job positions of Filipinos (managers and supervisors), and the salary/ accommodations they have in Nigeria.

When asked what would be his recommendation to the President, Gen Cimatu gamely said that it’s obvious from his “body language” that he will recommend for the lifting of the ban.

Gen. Cimatu was accompanied by Consul-Gen Alex LaMadrid on his trip to Abuja and Lagos.

Con-Gen Lamadrid stayed in Ikeja until Sunday so he could attend the March Family Day gathering in Ikeja.

Nigeria is home to almost 5,000 OFWs employed in oil & gas, telecoms, construction, manufacturing and services sectors. Filipinos have been in Nigeria since the early 70’s.

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7 Responses to Special envoy Amb. Roy Cimatu visited Nigeria: Ban soon to be lifted..

  1. azumah_k9 says:

    All d best…may Ambassador Cimatu act and decide on the premise of what he saw and what he observed.I was at Caverton compound and had the chance to talk with the good General.Being a former officer and a gentlemen..Im sure he will not turn the high expectation of the Naija pinoys down…mabuhay ang Naija pinoys…

  2. naija pinoy says:

    sana nga po. we are all waiting…

  3. vince g. eusebio says:

    i hope and pray that the travel ban in nigeria will be lifted in the soonest possible time. many filipino families are dependent on the salary of OFW’s. as of the moment i’m still thinking why the phil gov’t imposed a total ban in nigeria when other more developed countries did’nt. that’s a million dollar question why? especially in lagos…

  4. azumah_k9 says:

    Chairperson of PSBN,Mrs. Derpo will be at the cabinet meeting tomorrow,31 March as resource person.I hope all those officials will finally see the truth.This is a “make or break” situation for us here in Nigeria.Either we celebrate that the ban will be lifted during the family day or..we just continue to make the immigration people happy and be a part of a corrupt and insensible Govenment.

  5. azumah_k9 says:

    The nails are finally put in the coffin….At least,with everyhting said and done..we just need to re focus our efforts and energy toward achieving our goals.There is nothing we can expect from thre Government…Here in Nigeria,…the threat to the welfare of the Naijapinoys is not the kidnappers,but …..sad to say…the Philippine Government itself.
    Just remember those officials who stood against our way on 2010 election…and tell our friends and relatives not to vote for them.

  6. skylark says:

    Wala ng pag asa ma lift ang ban na yan kasi naging source of income na ng mga corrupt na immigration officials sa NAIA ang bumabalik na naijapinoy.

  7. debby says:

    fingers crossed

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