It’s OK to lift deployment ban to Lebanon – DFA

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It’s OK to lift deployment ban to Lebanon – DFA
03/23/2009 | 06:46 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has agreed to lift the three-year deployment ban to Lebanon after the safety of Filipinos in that Western Asian country was assured.

According to the DFA, the armed conflict in the Middle East state “has already ended and is no longer posing security threat” to overseas Filipino workers (OFW)

Presidential envoy to the Middle East Roy Cimatu, who was sent to Lebanon last month to assess the security condition in the country, said that it was already safe to resume the deployment of OFWs there because peace and stability had returned to the Middle East state.

Vice President Noli de Castro supported the DFA’s decision and said that Lebanon could provide an alternative destination to laid off OFWs. “There is no more reason to maintain the deployment ban to Lebanon. Many of our countrymen badly need jobs today and Lebanon offers plenty of employment opportunities.”

But before the ban could be officially lifted, De Castro called on the Labor department and the DFA to negotiate a bilateral agreement with Lebanon to protect the welfare of OFWs.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) earlier said that it was in no rush to allow the re-entry of Filipino household service workers (HSWs) to Lebanon unless authorities could safeguard the welfare of OFWs.

Labor Secretary Marianito Roque told GMANews.TV that the DOLE had not yet decided to lift the ban pending proposed amendments from the department. He said the DOLE had sent out a draft of a memorandum of understanding to their counterparts in Lebanon as condition for the redeployment of Filipino HSWs.

Included in the MOU are the protection of workers’ rights and the minimum salary for HSWs pegged at $400 per month.

Job opportunities

The DFA expects that the lifting of the 2006 ban in Lebanon will lead to more job opportunities for thousands of Filipinos affected by the US-led global economic slump.

Lebanon’s honorary consul-general to the Philippines, Josef Assad, welcomed the proposed lifting of the ban. “This is a positive step in the in normalization and improvement of relations between Lebanon and the Philippines.”

“This will perk up relations between the two countries as this will remove the barrier which has prevented thousands of Filipinos from working in Lebanon which is now experiencing an economic boom and is need of thousands of construction workers to complete the infrastructure billion-dollar projects like highways and bridges,” Assad said.

The government stopped sending Filipino workers to the Mideastern state in 2006 when violence between Hezbollah and Israeli forces escalated.

At that time, some 6,000 OFWs, many of them undocumented, were repatriated to the Philippines. Some 26,000 opted to stay either due to fear of losing their jobs or because they were not allowed by their employers to leave.

The Philippines had also stopped sending workers to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Nigeria. – with Mark Joseph Ubalde, GMANews.TV—DFA


3 Responses to It’s OK to lift deployment ban to Lebanon – DFA

  1. maricar says:


    sana tuloy tuloy na nga ang lifting of the ban. as for the labor dept…i think yung mga recent happenings with the sea farers ntin, dapat at sa DOLE un, or labor attache kaya sguro, me clamor ang bisi ntin for DOLE, pero i’m not too sure ha…opinyon lang nman, pero i am one with every pinoy na sana nga ma lift na ang ban.


  2. Lito Manalii says:


    It is a welcome for thousands of dometic helpers that has always become the victims of brutality and harassment by their employers and our government is pushing these women to work while the man stays at home and enjoy the life drinking and womanizing?? Iraq is a very big country and some areas are safe to work for construction and skilled Filipinos why dont they allow these MEN OF THE HOUSE to be the one to support their families??? IF IRAQ is dangerous then why these people from other foreign land are here enjoying the benefits of everything???mostly europeans,americans, french, canadians, germans, danish, koreans, chinese, indians, bangladesh, lebanese, turkish,Russians, Some of these people are investors and they need skilled Filipino workers aside from Nepalese and thailanders, indians chinese, eutopians and srilankans?? Kurdistan is a region in Iraq where Oil, Electricity, Water, Education and Health is the priority of Kurdish government to expand and they need skilled workers… our MEN,, instead of sending DOMESTIC HELPERS to be raped abused, and become Sex slave by their employers,,, I have witness a lot of these suffering of our women and i know how they live they live their lives with other families, specially the unfortunate ones. I have been a witness to some of these…We been in Saudi for 3 years, Oman for 4 years, UAE for 4 years, Jordan for 4 years, Lebanon, kuwait, Qatar, you name this Gulf and Middle East Countries and i will tell you how our poor domestic helpers earn their money to send home to their useles husbands (some) and children who think that money is harvested in the streets…those who have luck with their employers, enjoy liberty but spend with whom?? with other men..This is the life of our poor domestic helpers… the other side is hell for the Unfortunate ones and the other side is paradise with different men..(away from the eyes of their families.. (shame!) Noli De Castro and the rest of you who are exploiting our Filipino women please i beg you reconsider this as i am telling you the truth, dont interview these DH they will never tell you the truth, come in Jordan, UAE, Saudi and the rest of the middleeastern countries, visit embassies, Disco houses, bars and accomodations of Cleaners and tell me if i am just making up these stories… STOP sending domestic helpers. SEND THEIR HUSBANDS FOR JOBS INSTEAD OF THESE WOMEN, MILLIONS OF INDIAN LABORS ARE HERE working to support their families why dont we do the same??? Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Srilankans…why these Men do labor works and leave wife and children home??? Their BALLS are between their LEGS, While the husbands of these filipino domestic Helpers, their balls are somewhere betweeen other womans legs and this is the truth. I am sorry to say but I find these Indian Labor more dignified than Filipio men who have no guts but to sit at home…..and drink and drink and let their wives work for other families and for other men….AMEN

  3. Amy MacDonald…

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