NIGERIA is certified – finally – as OFW friendly country.. Bakit di pa rin lifted ang ban?

POEA MEMO : Nigeria is compliant with Migrant Workers Protection law


8 Responses to NIGERIA is certified – finally – as OFW friendly country.. Bakit di pa rin lifted ang ban?

  1. cynthia esteves says:

    Kumusta mga kababayan. Ang pangalan ko ay Cynthia Esteves. Nasa Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria ako noong 1980-1982 bilang guro sa Geidam. Ang mga Muslim at Christiano noon ay mahusay ang pagsasamahan. Pero ngayon ay lumalala yata ang situation. Ikinalulungkot ko ang mga pangyayari tungkol sa ideologhiya nang Boko Haram. Kumusta yung ban? Palagay ko ay makatuwiran ang ban. Iminumungkahi kong wag na muna kayong bumalik sa Nigeria habang may problema pa.

  2. youky says:

    The situation is “getting worse” if your perception is based on tv/newspaper. It is risky in some parts of nigeria but generally, it is very peaceful (it is like comparing Mindanao to a war torn place, where in fact, terrorism happens only in southern part of Mindanao).

  3. moncks says:

    you are correct youky, nigeria is a nice place to stay. even the locals treat you as a mastah and they will serve you the best that they can. and if those people will contue to believe in the tv and news paper they will not experience the good life here in nigeria…. trust me

  4. moncks says:

    To give you an update, Lagos, Nigeria everywhere is peaceful and people here are even preparing for Christmas. At times, when you read newspaper or magazines they give a negative report on the citizen, though they there may be crisis in some areas which can happen in any part of the world. That doesn’t mean they are not good. That’s my perception on what is Nigeria… DJ Moncks….of the Philippines

  5. bernadette cantos says:

    I have been applying for an STR Visa since October 2011, and the embassy says there is still a ban on STR, especially now with the recent Cano bombing. But per Nigerian Embassy if we can show them that there is no ban by the Phil GOvernment then those of us waiting to finally taste the good life and career in Nigera then we get our Nigeria STR Visa processed. Can someone help us? Where can we go to get this certificate from the Phil Govt?

  6. First says:

    POEA Circular. Check POEA website.

  7. First says:

    you may also click the POEA MEMO on top of this page.

  8. vicodar says:

    It is same thing in our part of our country, Mindanao.

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