POEA unwilling to lift ban to Nigeria – so, sino nga ba responsable sa ban?

October 6, 2011

We do not understamd why it is POEA replying to the Abuja Embassy’s letter.

For all we know, it was the DFA who declared the ban, and POEA and BI are implementors on their side.

We cannot comprehend Admin Cao’s sweeping statement about peace and order in Nigeria when he or any other POEA staff has not set foot in Nigeria.

Philippines is far more dangerous than Nigeria. Just look at your newspaper. Or listen to Bombo Radyo.

We do not expect POEA to have a say on the ban, other than their support in issuing OEC. But for POEA to say something why the ban is not lifted is “irresponsible”.

Come and visit Nigeria first and have a dialogue with Filipinos here.

Maybe, just like Gen. Cimatu, you will be enlightened too.

Letter from POEA