PBSN Gallery

Filipino priest in Nigeria, Fr. Doury giving the prayer...

Filipino priest in Nigeria, Fr. Doury giving the prayer...

Vice-Chairman Tito Villaruel welcoming AMb Cimatu & party..

Vice-Chairman Tito Villaruel welcoming AMb Cimatu & party..

Consul-General Alex Lamadrid introducing Amb Cimatu..

Consul-General Alex Lamadrid introducing Amb Cimatu..

Gen Cimatu addressing the Naija OFWs

Gen Cimatu addressing the Naija OFWs

Gen Cimatu addressing the Naija Pinoys

Gen Cimatu addressing the Naija Pinoys

Mrs Derpo presented information about PBSN

Mrs Derpo presented information about PBSN

Veronica Bernas-Snoxell (in red) facilitating the open forum...

Veronica Bernas-Snoxell (in red) facilitating the open forum...

Naija Pinoys & Pinays

Naija Pinoys & Pinays

Gen Cimatu was mugged with photo opportunities from Lagos OFWs

Gen Cimatu was mugged with photo opportunities from Lagos OFWs


2008 Independence Day Celeb

2008 Independence Day Celeb

The PBSN Cultural Dance Troupe for 2008 Independence Day Celeb

The PBSN Cultural Dance Troupe for 2008 Independence Day Celeb

Caverton Helicopter pilots with their MD and barangay chair

Caverton Helicopter pilots with their MD and barangay chair

Mr. Delfin Tupaz and PBSN Officials

Mr. Delfin Tupaz and PBSN Officials

A glimpse of Naija Pinoys

A glimpse of Naija Pinoys

Family Day at Dr. Obiakor's residence

Family Day at Dr. Obiakor
Plaque of Appreciation to Mr. Delfin Tupaz and wife

Plaque of Appreciation to Mr. Delfin Tupaz and wife

2007 Annual Grand Membership meeting

2007 Annual Grand Membership meeting
2007 Independence Day with Amb. M. Umpa and Vice-Consul Randy Arquiza

2007 Independence Day with Amb. M. Umpa and Vice-Consul Randy Arquiza

2007 Independence Day

2007 Independence Day

Family Day sing-along row

Family Day sing-along row

PBSN Dance Troupe. Pictorials during 2006 Independence Day Celeb

PBSN Dance Troupe. Pictorials during 2006 Independence Day Celeb

Naija Hagibis Boys..

Naija Hagibis Boys..

Sons and daughters of Filipinos singing the Philippine National Anthem during the 2005 Philippine Independence Day celebration

Sons and daughters of Filipinos singing the Philippine National Anthem during the 2005 Philippine Independence Day celebration


112 Responses to PBSN Gallery

  1. noel q. lualhati says:

    A nice site for Filipino community in Nigeria

  2. Arnel Bicol - PBSN Foundi ng Member says:

    Can you tell me if there are any original PBSN founding members left in Nigeria.

  3. Cliff Friedman says:

    Hi, I am permanent resident of Philippines, my wife is Ilocana. We are here in Uyo Nigeria for a while, and I am just wondering if we have any Kababayan dito sa Uyo? If so, contact me at bengalcliff@yahoo.com so we can all get together!

    Cliff and Maricel (Meneses) Friedman

  4. naija pinoy says:

    Hello Cliff & Maricel,

    Good to hear from you.

    Why not register in the yahoogroup?

  5. Gerry says:


    I just got an offer (for an Assistant Manager position) from Samsung based in Lagos, Nigeria. However, I still have some hesitations about working and living in Lagos, specifically —

    1 – Salary. They offered me USD 33,000 net basic salary plus bonus. They’re going to pay for the housing (USD 40,000/year) and car. Is the basic salary decent enough to afford fair level of lifestyle? How good can a USD40K-housing allowance afford?

    2 – Security. Is it safe to bring my family in Lagos? I have a 6-month old baby. I’ve heard good and bad things about the place. What’s the real status?

    3 – Have you heard of Samsung in Lagos? Are they a big company in Nigeria? How active are they in advertising their products in the market?

    4 – How do you find the city in general? Is it a place to enjoy a good life with family?

    5 – How big is the Filipino community in Lagos? It feels more secure to have fellow kababayans close to you!

    Thanks in advance for your responses! Moving to Lagos is going to be a big decision for me so I hope to get sincere and honest opinion from people who have first-hand experience of the place =)

  6. naija pinoy says:

    1. You have a more than decent salary and housing allowance. you should coordinate with your company to find you a house before you come.
    2. Lagos, no problem. We’ve heard good, bad and terrible things about Manila, too.
    3. Yes, Samsung is here.
    4. A lot of pinoys with families have been here for more than 10 years.
    5. Meet them when you arrive.

    Welcome to Nigeria…

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks for your reply.

      One more thing – With USD 40,000, where is the best place I could find a house? I prefer finding a really great walled and secure compound close to my office. I heard traffic is so terrible!

      • naija pinoy says:

        please request your company to do the house-hunting for you.

        traffic is terrible in all metropolitan cities all over the world. it should not surprise you.

        good luck.


  7. naija pinoy says:

    I suggest you join the yahoogroup:


  8. julius says:

    nice to hear that you are going to nigeria, lagos. nigerians are loving people, and filipino are wonderful people so do worry you will enjoy your stay and working in nigeria. i am a nigerian

  9. bambi nash says:

    My sister will be marrying an American diplomat that currently assigned in Port Harcourt (not sure), Nigeria. I heard that this is one of the dirtiest cities in the world and the to top it all, her soon to be husband’s wife was killed by the militants five years ago. Is this not a safe place to live? Is there chaos going on in all of Nigeria or just this city? We need some feedbacks about this place. Pls. help – she is apprehensive in moving. Thanks in advance for your comments

  10. naija pinoy says:

    Port Harcourt is in the Oil areas.

    And the oil area is the center of militancy (kidnapping, attacks).

    That is why non-essential expats do not live in Port Harcourt area. They are staying in Lagos.

    Your sister should discuss this issue with his fiance.

  11. ma luisa says:

    so do u mean its not really safe to live or work in the oil area.. how about working in MobilproducingNigerian Unlimited? how safe/unsafe to work there? my husband has been offerred a job as an engineer there? pls help us with our decision.. thanks in advance.. godbless to all of u there!!!!!!!!!

  12. naija pinoy says:

    we are living in Lagos. we cannot speak for the Oil areas. You just have to take the word of the company (Mobil).

    What we say about Oil area is based on what we read on papers and on internet.

  13. Guito says:

    Hi Naija pinoys:

    Just want to consult you if Starcomms Nigeria a stable company? because I have an offer in this company which is base in Lagos. Is the standard of living affordable or expensive? Do you pay tax in Lagos? if yes about how many percent of your income?

    your reponse will be highly appreciated

  14. Enrique says:

    Hi Naija pinoy,

    Good day. I would to like to have some inquiries about Starcomms PLc Nigeria? I have an offer in this company which base in Lagos Nigeria. Is it safe to work there , I am Network Field Maintenance Engineer and my duty is at field.

  15. Enrique says:

    Hi Naija pinoy,

    Good day. I would to like to have some inquiries about Starcomms PLc Nigeria? I have an offer in this company which base in Lagos Nigeria. Is it safe to work there , I am Network Field Maintenance Engineer and my duty is at field

  16. Enrique says:

    Hi Naija Pinoy,

    Tanong ko lang itong Certificate Attestation and Affidavit of Guaranty and Trust lahat po b ng pinoy na pumunta jan sa Nigeria ay meron nito.

  17. neil says:

    i am now presently working here in saudi. but i jst hav an offer working in CCC company nigeria? ask ko sana if alam nyu site location ng CCC? or does it has a safe site location ba? what else do ive to find out about in nigeria?
    pls let me know…
    thank you

  18. Angel says:

    Good day…recently I met a Filipina who informed me that finally the ban for Filipinos who wish to work in, and travel to Nigeria has been lifted. With that, I tried to search online on relative news but couldn’t find anything that would support what she just said.

    If it was true, could you please elaborate more on that issue (like when was it lifted and the government conditions – if there is any, and the procedures of travelling from Philippines to Nigeria on a Tourist Visa)? I’m very much interested to know.

    Many thanks and More Power

  19. Hello Kabayans… I came across to this wonderful site for Filipinos living in Nigeria.I wish to get in touch to all kabayans to make friends. My family and I plans to move in Nigeria very soon.. I just dont know where to start.


  20. leyne says:

    I got an offer job direct from Nigeria and the exact address is Road 116 Gwarinpa Housing Estate, Abuja… Is this address real? Please some help… thanks… God bless…

  21. Red says:

    I just got an offer from Shell Petrolem Development Company through EGO Recruitement Consultant. Is this for real or just a scam? I would appreciate your reply cause the offer is really good and i would have to make the biggest career decision because of this offer. contact info of ego recruitement consultant is given below

    Address: 103 Trans Amadi Layout
    Ellah Estate Port Harcourt

    Tel: +234 807 541 3268

  22. allan ingal says:

    Hello Kabayans,,

    Good day, i would like to have some inquiries from you, i got an offer form ZOOM mobile wich base in Vcitoria island in Lagos, i just want to know if this company is good and it is safe to work on field because my job is field engineer and my duty is in field also, please help!!

    thank you very much! god bless!!
    ingat po dyan,,

  23. ice says:

    Hi, I had an employment offer from Arab Oil Dredging Company in Nigeria. I’d like to know if this company exists. here is there address 18 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout,Port Harcourt,Nigeria Tel: +234.468.729.13. The salary they offered me is USD3,000 for logistics manager.If the company exists is the place safe, whats the crime rate?

    • naija pinoy says:

      you will know if he company and job offer is real kung sila ang gagastos sa mga papers, ticket at visa.

      pag ikaw ang pinagastos, peke yan.

      • nel says:

        hi Naija, have you heard Arab Oil Dredging in Nigeria? is this real or scam?

      • nel says:

        hi naija,

        I had an employment offer from Arab Oil Dredging in Nigeria, salary offer and benefits are really good, however, what bother me most is, in the contract agreement I should have to pay 25% of the total expenses for the processing, procurement and acquisation of the necessary permit through the services of a Certain Travel agency, although they said that the expenses I have to incurr it can be reimbursed but, still I am wondering the truthfulness of the offer.. If anybody out there who have employment offer from the said company please I want to hear from you..Naija is this Company really exist in Nigeria?

    • nel says:

      Hi! ice, I had an offer also from Arab Oil Dredging company, I just want to know if you had joined the company? Then what is the company would be?

    • naija pinoy says:

      mas mataas pa crime rate ng pilipinas kesa dito.

      • god day!..marami po bang pilipino dyan sa victoria island lagos nigeria?
        totoo po ba na bibigyan ako ng sweldo sa halagang $15,500.00? [fifteen thousand five-hudred] plumber po ang apply ko, salamat po.

    • Andy says:



      Global Petro Limited
      125 Oron Road, Uyo
      Akwa Ibom State,
      Telephone: +234.468.729.13 <= number used by SCAMMERS
      E-Mail: support@globalpetrolng-ltd.com

      Martin Osunde,
      Human Resource Manager
      Global Petrol Limited
      Phone: +234 8066464867
      Email: hr.dept@globalpetrolng-ltd.com
      Website: http://www.globalpetrolng-ltd.com <== FAKE COMPANY


  24. CHE2429 says:


    • naija pinoy says:

      safe naman, sa awa ng dyos. gobyerno ng pilipina lang naman ang nag papa gulo.

      • CHE2429 says:

        ban pa rin po ba yung filipino sa Nigeria for first timer na workers..According po sa POEA kelangan namin ng clearance mga aabot daw po yun ng buwan..totoo ba yun?

      • naija pinoy says:

        eh di wag ka na dumaan sa POEA.
        maghanda ka na lang ng 200-300 usd pambayad sa immig.

  25. bhlexiang says:

    tanong ko lang ho, lahat ho ba talaga pupunta ng nigeria for work kelangan dumaan ng POEA? khit direct hire po?

  26. CHE2429 says:

    Good Afternoon Naija Pinoy..
    We already have our visa na po kaso hindi po ipaprocess ng POEA kasi first timer po daw kami..Kung pupunta ba ng Nigeria sisitahin ka ba or makukulong if visa lng meron ka walang POEA?
    plz help namn po?anong gagawin namin
    pwede po pki email ako che2429@yahoo.com

    thank you po…we badly need your help naija pinoy

    • youky says:

      you don’t need POEA. tama c naija pinoy, don’t go through the “normal” procedure. just make sure you have 200-300USD.

      • naija pinoy says:

        on the contrary, we recommend that all Naija Pinoys should register at POEA, assuming you have these:
        1. Already got an STR and CERPAC
        2. been working for a year in Nigeria
        3. has an Embassy-authenticated employmnt contract

        with these, you can register at POEA and get an OEC.

        registering with POEA also gives you the OWWA insurance and other OFW-related benefits.

  27. Hello to Vicky Bernas-Snoxell. Although her face is not so clear in the pictures i’m sure she’s the former miss vicky bernas i’ve known in musuan at mrs tampioc’s residence.

  28. Rhandy Villanueva says:

    Sa mga Kababayan sa Nigeria,

    Maraming salamat po sa mga sumagot sa aking unang email inquiry.

    Now I got the offer and I am seriously considering to accept the offer.

    Currently, my wife is staying with me here now in Abu Dhabi working as Physiotherapist.

    Ask ko lang po sana if may mga Pilipina din po na nagwowork sa ospital diyan sa Nigeria.

    Or is it possible to invite her as tourist and then looks for a job there.

    Maraming salamat po.

  29. Nitz says:

    Good day tanong ko lang
    1. Kung safe ba na mag work ngayon sa Lagos, Nigeria?
    2. O.K. na ba and 4,500 per mo. na sweldo diyan? nakasulat sa contract na may accomodation daw ako.
    3. Magastos ba manirahan diyan?
    4. Marami ba kayong pinoy diyan?

    Thanks po. Kailangan ko reply ninyo para maka decide ako kung kukunin ko yung work or hindi. Salamat po ulit

    • naija pinoy says:

      1. makikita nyo naman po sa mga larawan na okey naman kami rito sa nigeria.
      2. oo, ok na yan. saka normal ang libreng acommodation.
      3. depended sau.
      4, marami po.

    • nena benigno says:

      pwede ba malaman kong ang 4,500 per mo. na sweldo eh US dollar or Naira? and if you dont mind what type of job you got? saan state ka destino? and the last are yu male or female? if not too much your name please? thanks nena

  30. Daniel says:


    Im now in Nigeria and due to go back to Philippines for my time-off. This is my first time to work in Nigeria as I was in Brunei when they hire me, my visa was process in Singapore so I was able to travel to Nigeria.

    My problem now is that I go back and take my time-off can I be able to go back to work in Nigeria again? I heard the travel ban still exist. Will they process my OEC when I apply for it in Philippines so that I have a proper docs for my return to work.



    • naija pinoy says:

      sorry for the late reply.

      if you have STR and CERPAC already, you can register at POEA and get an OEC. The only other requirement is an embassy authenticated contract.

      Back in RP, you should file as Balik-Mangagagawa.

      Good luck.

  31. Julius says:

    Greetings Naija Pinoy,
    ask ko lang po kung talagang existing dyan ang Dass Petro Limited. I got a job offer form them. they send me an appointment letter and contract. Also meron po b talagang Climax Travel and Tour? Dass Petro told me to contact Climax to act as my local delegate dyansa nigeria. I want to know if these companies are aunthentic before I send them my requirements.
    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

    • naija pinoy says:

      you will know if the job offer is real or not by the kind of salary they offer. if its too much than the industry standard, or they ask you to send money to them for “processing” of your documents, then the offer is a scam…

      • Adrian Mai says:

        mam have you heard of Zoom Mobile..I got a job offer from them..would like to know if you have any idea about the company.


      • naija pinoy says:

        For any job offers from West Africa or Nigeria, isa lang basehan kung scam ito o totoo.

        Ikaw ba ay hinihingan ng pera para daw processing fee or lawyers fee, or affidavit?? SCAM YAN!

        hindi mo kailangan mag padala na pera dahil sila ang nag ha hire. wala ka dapat gastusin sa processing.

        The Zoom Mobile offer is a SCAM, dahil naghihingi ito ng advance payment for legal and affidavit of attestation. Ang tawag dito ay ADVANCE PAYMENT SCAM.

        Mag ingat!

  32. naija pinoy says:

    suhestyon: gumamit ng google para malaman.

    1. Pag hiningan ka ng pera para sa advance fee processing, peke yan.

  33. Engr. Rupert Susa says:

    Possibly to Mary Rose Urgel: Had been in Talata Mafara in the year between 1981 to 1985. Had worked as an Engineer for the Bakolori Irrigation Project, SRRBDA, Sokoto Nigeria and now a US citizen living in San Jose, CA. I would like to say ‘inakwana, yaya gida, yaya ayki’ to everybody there. I am looking for my compare Rene Urgel…anak ko ng binyag ang unang anak niyang babae sa Talata Mafara noon…

  34. roger ledesma says:

    Mga Sirs,

    May ticket at visa na kasi ako papunta nigeria. Mahirap pa din ba makakuha ng oec pag first timer?



    • naija pinoy says:

      kailangan handa ang mga dokumentong ito:
      1. contract of employment authenticated by Phil Emb sa Nigeria
      2. Copies of our documents submitted to the Nigerian Embassy (academics, CV)
      3. Medical certificate
      4. Plane ticket or booking
      5. copy of Nigeria visa page

      subukan mo mag apply ng OEC sa provincial office ng POEA.

  35. ihart says:

    tanong ko lang ilang wks po ba bago makuha yung authenticated employment contract sa philippine embassy ng nigeria

  36. ihart says:

    tanong ko lang kung ilang araw ang processing pag humingi ng authenticated employment contract sa phil embassy sa nigeria? almost 1 month na kasi un request namin,till now wla pa

  37. demse says:

    Hi naija pinoy!

    Good day po sa inyo, tanong ko lang po sana meron kasi akong job offer galing kai Mr. Daniel Banjoko (Senior Recruitment Coordinator) ng Perfect Facilities Limited. at ang address ng office ay Perfect Facilities Limited
    33 Gabby Adeosun Street,
    Lekki Phase 1,
    Lekki- Lagos.
    Tel; 01-2700290

    gusto ko lng ko malaman if meron ba po itong address dyan at meron po ba Mr. Daniel Banjoko na recruitment coordinator. Sana po mabigyan nyo akong ng sagot at salamat po.

    • naija pinoy says:

      1. Ano po ang nature ng job offer? job desc? salary? visa processing?

      • god day! Sir my apply po ako dito sa internet,, ngayon po pinadalahan ako ng ganito….OIL EXPLORATION RECRUITMENT.14 adeola hope well, victoria island, lagos nigeria, CONTRACT REF; ELF/EPNL/2q072oth of february 2012.totoo po ba to??PLUMBER po ang apply ko..at ang salary ko po daw e 15,500.00us dollars.. yan po ang nakalagay dyan sa CONTACT REF. . my apply din po ko sa dubai..nalilito po ko d ko alam kung totoo ito, at hindi ko din po alam yang bansang NIGERIA..Sana po masagot nyo ang tanung ng mabilisan para po makapagdesisyon ako..salamat po..Godbless!

      • naija pinoy says:

        ikaw ba ay nag apply sa trabahong ito o nakatanggap ka lang ng email?

        Kung naggaling lang na parang bula sa emil mo ang job offer, FAKE yan.

        Ikaw ba ay hinihingan ng pera para daw processing fee or lawyers fee, or affidavit?? SCAM YAN!

        hindi mo kailangan mag padala na pera dahil sila ang nag ha hire. wala ka dapat gastusin sa processing.

        Paki research mo sa Google yung company na nag re recruit sa iyo.

        Mag-ingat po….

  38. Mr.Santos says:

    Hi Naija Pinoy,

    Good day po! Kmusta po.

    Gusto ko po sna mgtnung. Nakatanggappo kasi ko ng offer na
    mag-trabaho sa Ewekoro Cement Plant s Ogun State as Site Engineer. Tnung ko lng po kung ok security situation s Ogun state,
    sbi po s net 65km lng sya notrth ng Lagos. Safe po bng mag-work dun?

    Nag-email po kc ko s embassy ntin e wla nmn nging sgot.

    Thanks po ng Madami!!! And God Bless!!!

    E. Santos

    • naija pinoy says:

      safe naman ang Ogun State.
      Tanong lan po: SIla po ba gagastos lahata papeles ninyo? Ano pong accommodation at vacaton package nyo? saan kayo titira, sa site or sa Lagos?

  39. Mr.Santos says:

    Ang agency ko po s Ireland ang sasagot. Sa site po ang accommodation. Ble 3months ang initial n offer. Di ko lng po sure
    kung maikukuha nila ko ng authenticated na contract s Embassy ntin s Abuja. May cosulada po b tyo jan s Lagos?

    First time ko lng po kc mgwork jan mhirap po b mag-ayus ng OEC for nigeria? Dti po kc s Sudan ko work.

    Thanks po uli ng Madami!!!

  40. sofia delos Reyes Alegbeleye says:

    My passport has expired n needs to be renewed, wondering if it can be renewed here in lagos or I have to travel all the way to Abuja, as we all know the cost of a trip to abuja is way too expensive just to renew ones ppts. Is there an alternative or otherwise can it be renewed in absential via courier? Would appreciate a contact name n phone number. Also would like to kno the procedure and cost n duration. As I would be making a trip to d states next month.

    A quick response will be most appreciated!!!

    N/B: Are we on Facebook?


    • naija pinoy says:

      kailangan pumunta sa Abuja dahil may babayaran ka doon at kukunan ka ng picture ng embassy. You can coordinate with the embassy:
      Philippine Embassy , Nigeria 16 Lake Chad Cresent Cor. Kainji St., Maitama, Abuja


      Hotline: +2348051752187
      Email: abuja_pe@yahoo.co.uk

  41. ROUSSEL Bernard says:

    hello kamusta?
    I’m french, I know very well Philippines since 12 years and here in Nigeria I miss you.
    Living here in Victoria Island, Lagos, I would like to meet your community, to continue to exchange and to learn your language and your culture. But I know nobody.

    You could, please, help me or put me in touch with associations or groups which I could join.

    In advance many thanks, Salamat

  42. shirley says:

    hi safe po ba mgwork sa ikoyi lagos nigeria? marami ba filipinos sa lugar na yan? hoping to have a reply from you..


  43. First says:

    Any pinoy community in VI?

  44. aries says:

    Hello mga kababayan…

    I got a decent offer from Prymark Oil and Gas in Port Harcourt, Nigeria for 28/28. I just have some questions”

    1. Is this company a legitimate one?
    2. How is the security in the area? I read in the news that some expats are being kidnapped by the armed men in the said vicinity…
    3. Are there many Filipino expats living the area?

    thanks for your time in answering my questions..


    • naija pinoy says:

      check the internet and their website.

      the test of an offer is real is whether or not they ask you to make advance payment for some processing or certificates. if they ask for advance payment, it is a SCAM…

  45. moncks says:

    yes maraming pinoy sa lagos, kahit saan naman kung iisipin mong magulo,magulo, para ka lang nasa maynila at nasa mindanao naman ang gulo.. safe dito sa lagos

  46. benjie chan says:

    Good evening po. Ask ko lang po magkano po ba ang normal salary for an accountant position sa nigeria?
    Salamat po and God bless sa lahat.

    • naija pinoy says:

      no idea.
      pero kung yung company lahat mgbabayad, ok na yan. pero pag hinihingan ka ng mga certifcates, lawyer and insurance fees, scam yan,,

  47. benjie chan says:

    Thank you po sa reply. Actually po direct hiring kc cya. Hongkong office po ang tumawag and everything naman po is sagot nila. Isa pa pong concern is wala kc cla office or agency na mag-handle ng deployment. I believe 1st time na mag-hire ng filipino ung company if ever. Makakakuha po kaya ako ng OEC sa POEA directly if ever? Sana po may makapag-bigay ng info.
    Advance Merry Christmas to all.

  48. Bert says:

    Hi Magkano po ba salary range ng IT Manager dyan sa Lagos Nigeria?

  49. jranimas says:

    HI , I am currently working in Thailand, just got an offer from our supplier in Nigeria.

    Now they asking me what is the salary and package are okay with me..Hope you can provide some useful info’s.


  50. JR ANIMAS says:

    Hello Po,

    I got an offer from a big foods manufacturing there in Nigeria.

    However , they are asking me much dw ang gusto ko n salary and package..

    Appreciate if you could help me to determine ung average salary ng expat dyan sa Nigeria & the some benefits na rin.

    Salamat ng marami..

    • First says:

      They should be the one to offer the package. All expense paid dapat. Accomodation, plane tickets, transpo, medical, helper/s, etc. at food allowance of around NGN3k-5k per day per head. Salary will depend sa position mo kasi. Kailangan merong kontrata which is kailangan naman talaga sa POEA.

  51. kudz says:


    Is OFW travel ban to Nigeria lifted?


  52. gary alvarez says:

    Hello mga kabayan,papunta ako next month dyan sa ibadan,gusto ko sana magkaroon ng matawagan pag dyan na ako.unang punta ko pa lang dyan kasi.p&g ako magwowork.

  53. mga kababayan
    may offer sa akin on food manufacturing as maintenance engineer health products and farms limited yong company 1,500 US dollar is that the range of salary in lagos nigeria?

  54. how many days yong process ng visa or contract of employment from nigeria?

  55. pano po mag verify?actually may schedule interview ako sa nigeria embassy after the papers kumpleto na

    • naija pinoy says:

      search mo sa internet.
      also, you are not supposed to make any advance payment for lawyer fees or visa fees.
      company should be the one to pay for it, along with the invitation letter and employment letter.
      good luck.

  56. extra rice says:

    Hi naija, I will be going in lagos. legit ba ang hitech industries jan? may website cla pero iba p rin kung existing nga cla jan..

  57. miguel says:

    Hi Naija, Good day po, ask ko lng po may offer skin ang Co. na HI-Tech industries Limited dyan sa nigeria and the location is in Sabo,Yaba, Lagos. my question is if the co is true and safe po ba mag work dun? for your info po,i already search the co. meron nmn po silang profile, curious lng that’s why i ask you. And also po how much the income tax or do i have a tax? cause according to my contract ” i will be responsible for local taxes if applicable”. by the way, they offer me 3,500USD plus 1,000USD allowance monthly. thanks and hoping to have a reply from you..

    • naija pinoy says:

      the test whether the offer is real or not is this:
      1. ikaw ba ay hinihingian ng advance payment para daw sa visa processing and legal fees? kung hiningan ka, scam yan.
      2. company pays for everything (housing, travel, driver, fuel) in your stay in nigeria, including local taxes.

      also, research mo sa internet ang company. ang mga pinoy sa nigeria cannot vouch for the job offer to you even if we know the company.

  58. conchita lapada says:

    hi just want to ask po paano mag send ng remittance from lagos to manila emergency lang po sana….bawal po kasi sa western union.thanks poo

  59. dena Lu says:

    Good evening po mga kababayan:) Pupunta po ako dyan sa Lagos ngayong February, bale tatlo po kami. Mag stay po kami dyan ng tatlong buwan baka po may kakilala kayo ng Filipino family or anyone na may spare room na pwede po namin marentahan. Thank you.

  60. Ana says:

    anyone here who can help me like try to find a job in nigeria. i really want to work there. Hindi ko lang po alam kung saan hahanap in nigeria since i am here in manila. Hope you can advise.

  61. Nino raul sosa says:

    Hi tatanong ko lang po ung situation s lagos ngayon since merong ebola outbreak. Pupunta po kc ako ng lagos for work next month. Hope merong magreply. Thanks!!!

  62. Meong says:

    Good day Naija Pinoy,

    ask ko lang po kung kamusta ang situation sa Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria? Mayroon po kasi akong Job offer and our accomodation is in Ikoyi.

    1. Pagpumunta po ba sa Nigeria, then pagbalik sa Pinas need ka nila iquarantine?
    2. Marami po bang mga Pinoy na nagwork sa Telecoms dyan?
    3. Paano po ang cost of living and safety pag lalabas ka mag isa.

    Maraming Salamat and more power.

    God Bless.


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